Recognizing a need for investment banking services focused on growing entrepreneurs and owner-managers, Fortman Cline offers entrepreneurial finance services which include:

  • M&A and Strategic Advisory  –  We offer small-to-mid cap owner-managers and entrepreneurs advise on valuation, strategic partnerships or acquisitions that look to enhance value, growth financing strategies, and monetization / divestment strategies when appropriate.
  • Private Equity  –  We offer a wide network of relationships with leading foreign and domestic private equity institutions that can provide strategic, operating and financing support needed to grow a client’s business. In addition, the Entrepreneurial Finance team works closely with the firm’s Private Equity Group, which has its own small-to-mid cap focused private equity fund in the Philippines. The fund seeks to take principal positions in proven high growth companies that have the strong potential to be the next generation of large and successful companies in the country
  • Family Constitution and Succession Planning  –  New challenges arise for most owner-managed and family-owned businesses as they pass over generations. The firm offers family succession planning services that can play a pivotal role in terms of assisting founders and their families go through generational transitions in an orderly way.